2014. július 28., hétfő

SG90 servo controller

If I'm finally able to reconstruct my 3D printer (I haven't touched it for a while) I want to have an automatic bed leveler on it, because the bed leveling today is painful. I found a solution what I like: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:301715
For this I ordered a fistful of SG90 servos from the eBay what already arrived for a while.
At the end of the last week a task come by. It should be solved to change the vertical angle of a small webcam, what is in a not easily accessible place. I had only the weekend for it because I wanted to finish until today.
The original idea was the following:
TI Launchpad + SG90 servo, connected to a PC via USB port and it can be controlled from there.
I found a small sample code on the net:
It was working, but I didn't liked it. I was trying to write something based on the datasheet. The code was not working. The timing on the datasheet had no connection to the reality.
Finally I totally rewrote what I originally found. Restructured it just kept the timing.
After this the serial communication come.
After a bit struggling become clear that the user serial function of the LanuchPad is not even close to a working thing under Windows 8.1. The driver is there. It even allows me to connect, just no communication in the terminal emulator.
I picked from my drawer a CP2102 board from the Conrad. After some driver collection, it started instantly. I finalized the code, everything works, just I can't leave the it mechanically in this shape.
Unfortunately drawing schematics, designing and manufacturing PCB was out of question, because of the time. Only the perfboardleft as option (ohh, how I hate it).
Here is the result:

I'll put the finished code out to the GitHub.
Unfortunately I was not able to finish the whole project. When I tried to mill the camera holder on the CNC the spindle stopped and didn't started anymore. For the time being I had no energy to take it apart to find out, if the spindle or the shiny new PSU is the cause. I'll measure around tomorrow morning to find it out.

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