2015. május 8., péntek

Router repair

To be honest, I've confusing thoughts about repairing various electronics equipment. Some of the people tell, just trow away what is stopped to work. Others tell, to repair everything. As I see the world goes to the first direction. Less and less electronic equipment gets repaired. It is just not the cost of the repair, but also energy efficiency issue. I'm somewhere between this two. I think we should consider each time, various factors.
To the people who say throw away and buy a new one:
What if we have a Wi-Fi router. It aged, but not to much (already Wi-Fi N based). Likely 3-5 years old. A new one costs $50-70. Died. Low cost, throw it away.
What if? The problem can be identified with just looking on the board:

and the repair costs ~$0.2 and 10 minutes work?
The dead cap - originally 680uF:

By the way. May I ask the dear manufacturer why a hack they are using the cheapest crap capacitor in the most critical part of the circuit?
The 20 cent is the price of the cheapest crap at the local store, but...
You can get a Panasonic with 8000h endurance for 15 cents/piece in 1000 pack at Farnell (what is not cheap).
Cap changed, router works.

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