2015. június 11., csütörtök

Expandable breadboard

This story is really short. Yesterday morning when I was driving to work, just pop into my mind, how can I solve my long lasting problem with the breadboards. When I snap in some wide thing it just not leave enough empty holes to connect jumper wires.

Some people had crazy solutions:

What if I cut a breadboard into it's two half, mount it on a pair of sliders and slide to the position where the board fits in keeping the four holes for each pin accessible:

During the day I designed this thing, just in my head. Not drawing or writing a bit. In the afternoon I just run into the store and grabbed the things I didn't had at home. The sliders, the aluminum profile and the wood (I've pinewood at home, but I didn't wanted to run into a lengthy woodworking experience).
In the evening when everybody went to sleep, I started to work on it.
Picked one of the three breadboards, and cut it into two pieces with my proxxon micro table saw.
Cut the necessary FR4 boards, the aluminum profiles and the wood also. Drilled the holes into the necessary places, and screwed everything together. When it was done, glued the breadboards into its place with the original two sided tape attached into its back.
Finished. It took around two hours.
Probably fastest project of my life. :-)

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