2015. augusztus 19., szerda

Breaking News - TI Precision Labs

Here I wrote about the Texas Instruments Precision Labs, the insane price of it and my plans to replicate it.
I even started to work on it, replicated the schematics in KiCAD, created the PCBs for the OpAmp inserts, and partially designed the main board itself.
In addition I posted this project to the Hackaday.io, and it found it's way to the Hackaday blog itself:
I don't know if somebody at TI read what I wrote, but this came today in a newsletter:

So, mine is on the way to Budapest:

I payed ~$60 for it with shipping.
If you need it hurry up, while it lasts.
First: The project is officially canceled - I've many more things to do
Second: Great thank you for Texas Instruments, for this offer!

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