2018. május 6., vasárnap

Home Automation center

In 2016 I started to work on a home automation project what I finally abandoned.
Since then, I feel more and more, that I need something for the task. As I finished the repairing of my Robo3D printer, I had no current running project, so I started a poll on my (Hungarian) blog asking for my next project.
The home automation center was the clear winner of the poll. I started to think, what to do, and how.
The things I decided:

  • I want to build the system incrementally beginning with the center
  • I'll use OpenHAB as the center (this supports my FHT/FS20 Conrad thermostats)
  • I want to build it as a High Availability solution
  • I want to be able to use it even the internet connection is broken
  • I want to run it on some kind of SBC
  • I want to use 64bit system - to be as future proof as it can
  • I want to use things I already have

About my current IT infrastructure - It has big impact to my decision:
I've two VPN connected sites, one is my home and the other is my office. I've currently 4 MS Hyper-V servers. 3 in the office, one at home. The system will be based mainly on Docker.
I plan to build a 1U rack box, containing two Pine64 boards, two 5V PSU and maybe two disks.
I'll build two Docker Swarm clusters:

  1. An x64 Cluster: Two Manager/Worker combined nodes placed on two Hyper-V guests in the office and an additional Manager node on my home Hyper-V.
  2. An ARM Cluster: Two Manager nodes placed on two Hyper-V guests in the office and an additional on my home Hyper-V, the two Pine64 will act as worker nodes.

I want to place the OpenHAB containers on the Pine64s, plus GlusterFS, plus HAProxy as HA solution.
To the x64 Cluster goes the supporting components:

  • Private docker registry
  • Zabbix or Nagios monitoring
  • Additional containers needed for my work (not Home Automation related)

The location/implementation of data collection, MQTT based control is not decided yet.
When the system above is up and running, I'll go further with the integration of sensors and actuators.

And yes, before you ask: - I'm a complette idiot. :-D

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