2018. május 1., kedd

Robo3D reconstruction

Its been a while I didn't write anything.
In the last month I had not too much time to work on my projects. I just focused on one thing.
It was almost five years ago that I started my long struggling journey in the 3D printing. At that time my intention was to use the printed parts in my electronics projects and not to involve myself in the technology. This changed since, learned a lot. The main reason is that the printer I bought the Robo3D is a heap of crap. It took me two years to get some acceptable results. Then it broke once more, and I put it to the side until now.
I wanted to have a 3D printer in the office, so I repaired the Robo.

  • Printed a new improved Greg's wade extruder
  • Designed a new object heater
  • Replaced the Z endstop with capacitive sensor (actually works quite well with the glass only bed)
  • Replaced the electronics with a completely new Arduino Mega + Ramps + DRV8825 set
  • Added a graphic LCD
  • Added cooling for the electronics (a computer HDD cooler)
  • Built a customized current Marlin for it
  • Added a case light (two LED strips to the top)
  • Replaced the E3D v6 to a new one (with the cartridge type heather block)
  • Replaced most of the cabling

Here is the result, with the first print on the bed:

Just some gluing and cable tightening left for today until I can bring it to the office.

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