2018. december 22., szombat


It's been long time since I didn't write anything on this blog.
Actually I just didn't have lust to write. It doesn't mean, nothing happened.
The main reason I writing now is the status of my Curve Tracer project. After a long struggling period I achieved the first milestone of the project. It started to work. I mean the whole measure chain is working, but there is a long road ahead still, until the finished product.
As I'm talking more and more a few "audio related" people, I went back a bit into my childhood, and started to work on my audio equipment.
Repaired and modified my good old NAD5120 turntable. Repaired my Mission 705 speakers, collected a few retro audio components from the eBay.
Now I have a fairly good sounding system. I'm planning to add some DIY components in the future (going back in electronics, where I started)
There is something itching inside me, since I first saw a Fostex full range horn speaker in a DIY book. It was at least 5 years ago. Since then I'm thinking about to build a pair. As my audio equipment started to work, I felt, it is just the right time to make my hands dirty.
I started to build a Fostex FE108E Sigma based box. To be precise, the recommended enclosure from Fostex's web site.

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