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AVR Transistor Tester

In my travel electronic case I keep an AVR Transistor Tester. This model:
Actually I've a few problems with it:
The laser cut acrylic case not cut correctly, so if I assemble it the button is continuously pressed
The LCD and the backlight not stick together so it fell apart

For not just the reason above I bought a different model with color LCD. This one:

I kept it in the drawer for a long time, as I wasn't really interested to build it. Around Christmas finally I built it, and surprise, surprise:

Got it in Russian.
Eleven years of Russian learning wasn't enough to use this in that way.
So decided to change the language.
Unfortunately you can't do it in the menu, you have to rebuild/upload it.
Started to investigate a bit. The web site of the project is here:
The code is not based on the Arduino infrastructure, also the original is built on linux, and there are missing a comprehensive documentation about the build process (even it is not so complicated)

The original board has no ISP connector, so the MCU should be put somewhere else to upload the code (also there is no Arduino bootloader, so a bare UNO board is not good enough for it).
I chosen an Arduino UNO board plus a USBTiny programmer.

1. Install some packages on Ubuntu:
apt-get install avr-libc avrdude gcc-avr make git
2. Clone the git repository
git clone https://github.com/svn2github/transistortester
3. Copy the makefile from the folder of this lcd to the default (it may not necessary and can be built in it's original location)
cp transistortester/Software/trunk/ST7735/Makefile transistortester/Software/trunk/default/
4. Go to the default directory
cd transistortester/Software/trunk/default
5. Edit the Makefile and change the programmer setting
6. Build and upload the code
make upload

After the upload I put back the MCU into the tester. It looks like working now

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