2019. április 6., szombat


In the past years I collected a good amount of test equipment. I mostly using them as standalone instruments (except my PC based oscilloscope).
I recently bought this nice Audio Analyzer on the eBay

I realized, that most of the measurements I bought this unit for are require PC connection.
Even I found a software for it:

As most of a bit aging test equipment only have HP-IB/GP-IB/IEEE-488 interface for the PC connection. No USB, Ethernet, whatever today's fancy stuff.
Buying a decent GP-IB interface is not so easy/cheap today. Yes, I found a few on various sources, but was not happy with any of it. So I decided to build my own.
Found this project on the internet:
Based on this, I designed a board:

Ordered it, so I'm waiting to arrive, to continue the project.

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