2019. április 27., szombat

Home references - Resistance

It is a long standing dept for myself.
I bought a few Vishay S Series precision foil resistors to act as resistance standard for my home lab.
I was thinking what would be the best enclosure for them, and in the long thinking process finally the resistance standard process is shelved.
A few weeks ago finally I ordered small aluminum boxes and binding posts for this.
The boxes, binding posts arrived, so I put everything together. As this is a quite simple thing, so not too much to talk about. Here are the pictures:

Measured (the 4 wire mode here is unavoidable):

All of the four values (100 ohm, 1K, 10K, 100K) boxed, labeled:

After finished the labeling, I was thinking about, how can I protect the paper labels from the usual dust in the lab. Here come the advantage of being father of three school age kids. The transparent adhesive foil we use to protect the textbooks are perfect here (and I've tons on stock).

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