2019. november 18., hétfő

Akai - Media Player 1. SBC

In the previous post I was writing about Raspberry Pi as the computer will be used in the device.
I was thinking a bit further and realized it is not the ideal solution. (Still, I think the Raspberry Pi is an awesome piece of hardware, just doesn't fit into this particular task)

The features I miss from the RPi:
Internal USB
I need a USB connector can be extended to the front panel to be able to play music from a USB stick
On RPi all of the USB connectors are on the same side as the Ethernet what I would put to the back of the unit (this could be hadled different way, but I have other things)
External Wi-Fi, Bluetooth antenna.
The case is made from metal. Probably the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth would barely work inside the case. I found hack on the internet to overcome this, but this is a hack.
So I looked around, the internet, found a few feasible solution, what kind of board should I buy. On the other hand, I have two problems with those:
I have plenty SBC-s on hand, don't want to spend money on an additional one
If I order something from the net, it take a few weeks to arrive. As I ordered the DAC and the display previously, probably the  SBC would arrive latest
So I dig into my development board/SBC box in my workshop. I realized that the board I have many of it (at least 5) completely satisfy my needs.
The brain of the media player is switched from Raspberry Pi to Pine64.

I'm still not totaly convinced in my choice, therefore I'll not build it into the case right now, just assemble it on my desk and start to experiment with it.
Here I found a reasonably new release of the VolumIO for my Pine64:
I'll continue my journey with this.

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