2019. november 17., vasárnap

Akai - cannibalized

As I wrote previously, I want to add streaming media capability to my retro Akai Hi-Fi set.
The plan was the following:
Pick up on the market a low cost unit, fits into my set.
Remove everything from inside.
Build the following set into it:
- Raspberry Pi + VolumIO
- Some power supply
- Some DAC
- Some alphanumeric display
- Rotary encoder
- IR receiver

I was looking for the possible "donor" units. Finally my choice is an Akai AT-A1 tuner. I bought the one I have in my hand for GBP 17 from UK

Opened the box. Here is the original inside:

Then I removed everything what looks unnecessary:

Ordered a few things what will go into the box:

This is the current status. More will come soon.

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