2019. november 16., szombat

Akai - old love

I didn't write this blog for a while. I had good reason for this, what is not public. From now on it looks like my reason went away, so I'm back.
Along with my passion for electronics, CNC milling, 3D printing and many more, I have an old love. Music and Hi-Fi. To be honest originally this was bringing me into the world of electronics almost 40 years ago (38 to be exact). I was 11 when the first Hi-Fi set landed in my family. Right from the beginning I was thinking how can I expand its capability, later on I was thinking how can I rise its sound quality. This lead me into the word of audio electronics, building amplifiers and other things.
As I raised behind the "iron curtain" in the '70s and '80s. At that times not to much goods arrived from the western part of the word. Here in Hungary mainly one company namely Akai was available, based on the fact that Videoton (Hungarian audiovisual manufacturing company) acted as a manufacturing base for Akai here.
At 1984 even they had a trade show in a restaurant in Budapest. I was there and picked up a brochure, what was almost a Hi-Fi bible, a source of wishes for a long time. I just wanted to own a full set of highest ranked equipment from this brochure - what unfortunately don't have anymore.
In the last year somehow pop this desire into my mind after a long time forgotten.
So I started to collect.
Today I can tell, I almost have the full set I wanted. Actually even a bit more, but the "project" not finished. I'll probably sell a few, switch a few from it.
Here is the current collection:

Some of the units are in a good shape. Some of them need care both outside and inside. In the following months even years I plan to restore those into working, aesthetically good condition (also with some external help).
In addition to this I plan to create a shelf to accommodate all of the units I intend to keep, and add some capabilities what fits into the design, but was not available at the time this equipment was built, like internet streaming audio.

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