2019. július 26., péntek

What arrived?

I continuously ordering things from various places, but frequently I don't write about.
Here are three things what I think can be interesting in some ways.
Recently I started to work on integrating my measurement equipment with my lab PC. It is getting important as I have a few measurement in my head, what requires such kind of integration.
The instruments in question have various interfaces: USB, RS232, GP-IB, Ethernet. Talking about the first three, at the end of the day the connection for the PC will require USB ports. Lots of USB ports.
So I ordered a USB hub on AliExpress.
I hope 16 ports will be enough:

Keep talking about instruments. As I see, it is handled as a fact that for measurement process control the used application is NI LabView. This software used for many things. Even the Lego is using it for controlling the Mindstorms kits. For a long time now, I'm using mainly free or open source software, if it is not available, I'm buying it.
The LabView as such is a software with horrible price tag. It is just came to my attention (you may already know it), that NI made available a Home Bundle version. Yes, it is not the latest, yes it is just for not profit home use. But, it cost $50, what can be payed by a serious hobbyist. So I have it now:

I hope, it will help me to automate my measurements.
There are running a promotion/contest by Microsoft and Avnet (https://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-92683/l/sensing-the-world-challenge). It is about connecting to Azure IoT.
I even have a MAPS subscription, so I have $100/month allowance for Azure.
I become an AWS guy in the last 6+ years. I feel this contest a good opportunity to widen my perspective and learn a bit more about Azure.
So, I ordered the kit for free, and it arrived yesterday:

Even, I have an idea, what to build from it.

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