2019. július 14., vasárnap

GP-IB 3.

More than two month elapsed since I wrote about my GP-IB adapter project.
In this two month many things happened:
Redesigned the board a bit (v1.1). The new version is a bit tricky. Originally I used female gender connector, what is not ideal, as it cannot be connected to the instruments directly, just through a cable. The reason: I didn't find male connector on the market on first trial for affordable price.
I had a second attempt, and now I have male connectors. I didn't wanted to put to much effort in the redesign, so just added an option to swap the USB connector to the back side of the board.
So if you populate the board with female GP-IB connector, both the connectors goes to the front side, if you use male connector, both of the connectors are goes to the back side.
This board is not ordered yet, because I want to combine it with other projects of mine.
The repository has been reorganized. I have public and private repos. Public for sharing the project, private for working on it. Now the public repo only contain the hardware design (more to come). The design packaged with my shiny new KiCAD packager. At least it makes the schematic readable to anybody. Location: https://gitlab.com/suf/suf-electronics-gpib
The software side become a bit messy.
I had problems with the original source code:
1. The original license, what makes the software "incompatible" with my design
2. As much I read this source code, more and more dislike it. Using a single .ino file, for a growing size project become unreadable, unmaintainable to me.
3. Many thing is missing from the implementation.
I started to write a completely new software based on my problems. I wasn't carefully looked around for the software implementation. My software was 50+ percent ready (mostly working already) when Szabolcs Szigeti in the comments on my post here https://www.facebook.com/groups/muszerek/permalink/2481846092072731/ pointed out (sorry, it is in Hungarian), that a different implementation also exists https://github.com/Twilight-Logic/AR488
I didn't tested it yet, but looks like solving most of my problems:
- The author by coincidence has chosen the same pins for the ones was missing from the original implementation as me (REN, SRQ). This means, this software should run without modification on my hardware
- Implemented most of the missing functions
I still have my feelings with the code structure (it become more than 3000 lines in a single file)
I had no time to test it yet, but if I can use it for the purpose I wanted, I'll probably drop (or postpone) my implementation (maybe just finishing the inevitably necessary things and release it).
- Try the things I currently have
- Order and build the upgraded design
- Decide the future of this project

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