2019. július 7., vasárnap

Chain of events

I always think, why I start more projects than I finish.
One cause is the chan of events. I start something, than something is missing is missing from it, what forms an other project, than I miss something from it - other project and the chain of events formed. Have several open things, nothing finished.
Check the current one:
I wanted to recreate my music listening environment. The first path is from vinyl.
1. Repaired the crossovers in my Mission 705 loudspeakers (replaced a few ancient Tesla caps)
2. Repaired my NAD 5120 turntable (removed the original built in cable, added a few RCA connectors, replaced the belt, adjusted the arm lift)
3. Wanted to build a new RIAA corrector. It is based on the award winning design from the '80s. Created by a local HiFi Magazine here in Hungary named HFM-I. Actually built it, but just wrote about it on my Hungarian language blog (http://it-pro-hu.blogspot.com/2019/02/hfm-i-ujragondolva.htmlhttp://it-pro-hu.blogspot.com/2019/03/hfm-i-2.htmlhttp://it-pro-hu.blogspot.com/2019/04/hfm-i-3.html
4. And here is the place where my "chain of events" starts. It came into my mind, that I'd like to measure what I built before put it into my system. Bought an HP 8903B Audio Analyzer (not just for this project, it was in my plans for a while already).
5. U1. I have a good set of instruments, but it wasn't a requirement to connect them to a PC until now (I was thinking, I'll do that once upon a time). For generating a graph from the 8903B it become absolutely necessary. Unfortunately didn't find a GP-IB interface what I like, so the first unplanned project born. Found an Arduino based interface, but absolutely hated the hardware, so designed a new one (http://pakahuszar.blogspot.com/2019/04/gp-ib.htmlhttp://pakahuszar.blogspot.com/2019/04/gp-ib-2.html)
U2. Didn't like the software of the interface, neither the license, nor the implementation. Started to write a completely new code from scratch (still unfinished, it will be testable soon, if it doesn't end as unfinished project as many before).
U3. Somebody asked upon my posts, if I want to sell the GPIB interface boards I created. Started to think - why not?
If I sell it, I want to organize the hardware designs and the software correctly. Don't want to publish unfinished design, or software, so I built up a git branching model for myself to achieve this. Here surfaced my old problem again. The library handling of the KiCAD is horrible. I want to publish the hardware design without external dependency (I mean, if somebody opens the schematic, get real components instead of boxes with question marks). Tried to use KiCADs archive plugin. Unsuccessfully. Registered, but it not even started. After few days of searching, asking, got no solution.
So, the Unplanned-3 project born. Create an application (not a KiCAD plugin) what automatically manage this mess on my hardware projects (I started it in .Net Core 2.1, got some progress, but this is a topic for a further post)
Let see! This is one way how my unfinished projects are born.

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