2019. december 29., vasárnap

Few stories - Build something on it.

I'm building something. As usual.
I'm telling a few stories about things - unusual? I don't know.

1. I'm fundamentally an IT guy. Most of my life I worked in various companies fulfilling various IT jobs. This dates back when I was head of the IT plus sysadmin at a company called "Láng Holding".
This was before the internet era (just to understand, the internet was existing way before some of the younger or not core IT people thinks). So it dated to 1998-1999 (Before the dotnet boom).
We acted as a usual holding company. Mainly working as financial/legal entity. One of the biggest IT challenge at those days was to have the countries laws, the country wide corporate registry available electronically for our employees. At that time this information was not available on the just starting web.
There were a company who provided this information on subscription based CDROMs.
A usual computer has only one CDROM drive (mostly non today), but I needed more, centrally on the server. So I bought a nice SCSI box with four drive bays and four SCSI CDROMs for the task.
Those days passed. We finally closed this company, and the box above landed in my loft (together with many old IT things).

2. A few weeks ago I ordered two identical 60V/1500W DC power supply modules from China. As I didn't wanted to pay the higher shipping cost of DHL, I ordered them separately. It costs $99 each.
This was a good test of the local post, how they handle the customs. I can tell: randomly.
The first one I ordered landed at customs, and still didn't arrived to me. The second one I ordered landed in my house without customs handling.

3. Back in 2017, I ordered a Ruideng DPS5020 power supply module from Banggood. After a few month it become clear, that it will never arrive. So I complained, they resent it, and after a while both arrived. I agreed with them to keep both instead of sending one back.

As you may realized by now I want to build a dual channel 0-50V/20A power supply to my lab. This is in my mind since 2017.
As I have both the lab supply modules and the huge mains power supply for it, I started to think, what would be the best possible enclosure for it. All the ones I found at the local suppliers and the online sources were too big and too costly. Then come into my mind the forgotten SCSI box from the loft:

Removed everything from inside:

Built two power modules from the Ruideng controller and the 1,5kW PSUs added some aluminum profiles:

Mounted it into the box above:

Here come a few problems:
1. I started to think. The box has 3kW PSU inside. I think, the original power switch will never be able to handle around 15A current.
2. I don't want to switch those PSU simultaneously on, because the mains fuse will not handle the inrush current
3. I want to control the PSUs from a PC, but on a single USB port. So I need to change the USB/RS232 adapter came with the units to something else.

As you see the build almost finished, I just need to address those issues. Especially to first two. Those will come in a later article.

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