2019. december 28., szombat

Hi-Fi rack - Motorized turntable shelf

I started to build a rack to my retro Akai set. I'm a small guy. When I started to plan the rack I realized that I loose space in the rack if I put the turntable on the top of it (it can't be taller than 120-130cm). If I build a 170 tall rack and put the turntable into the middle of it I still loose space, as I should open the lid somehow.
What if I build a shelf can be pulled out with the turntable? This way I not loose space. Think this a bit further: add a motor for the shelf.
Ok, but how to control the shelf?
What if I add an aluminum profile to the front of the shelf and use it as a touch sensor?
And the result:

The controlling electronics today contains an Arduino UNO, a CNC Shield, a DRV8825 motor driver and a few additional components on a breadboard.
This is not the final solution. I intend to build a specialized electronics for this. Change the motor controller to a Trinamic one because this is too loud now.

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