2020. április 1., szerda

2kW Bench Power Supply 2.

Please don't look for the first part under the title above! It was published as Few stories ...
It took a while to go further with this project.
I built and tested the my delay circuit mentioned here.

Works as expected.
Done all of the cabling, mechanical work, needed for the assembly.

I was choosing a C20 connector instead of the regular C14. The two power supplies can consume maximum 3kW, so I felt that a bigger connector is needed.
After almost of a year skip, I restarted my 3D printer. So I created a 3D printed back panel:

I made a short video shot to show how the delayed startup of the two supplies works:

So, this unit is working now. The only thing is missing, the computer control.
The two units originally has two separate optically isolated USB to Serial units. I wanted to solve this with one USB port. So, I ordered a dual channel FTDI module, what unfortunately not yet arrived.
The USB port already assembled to the back, it just waits for the module and an optoisolator board design from me. This will be the second phase of this project.

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