2022. április 4., hétfő

Pan & Tilt gimbal project?

In the last two weeks I didn't have too much time to work on my hobby projects or even to continue to build my lab.

To be honest I even didn't feel like working on any of my currently running projects. (There is the time to start a new unfinished project 😄)

There is something itching in my mind. I need an MCU controlled pan and tilt head for a mobile phone (camera). I would like to have it to generate a 360 view for a room, what I need for undisclosed reasons.

The original idea to build the pan and tilt head from 3D printed parts and Nema stepper motors. Control it from an ESP32 based 3D printer controller, like this:

Also add some Wi-Fi based web interface to the ESP32 and control the phone mounted on the pan and tilt head via blutooth.

This idea was forming in the last two weeks. Fortunately I didn't order the things I collected for this. Those are just sitting in my Aliexpress basket.

Yesterday I was thinking to start the ESP programming and the 3D design of the components.

Eventually I found something interesting

This is a Zifon YT-1000 pan & tilt head.
This also has wireless remote, costs bit more than $80 delivered.
This thing is a good candidate for my project. It lack of the automation I need, but has most of the capabilities I require.
Unable to control the phone, take all of the pictures I need, but almost there.
Here come the question. Is it hackable?
The answer located here:
From the post you can figure out that the wireless controller is a JDY-40-V1.2 wireless serial transceiver module.
No, it isn't available on the Aliexpress. It is sold by Electrodragon under the name EY-40:
I would have reservations about a market player I didn't know. But with Electrodragon I don't have, as I ordered my ESP8266 based wi-fi switches (before even sonoff existence) from them, and had no problems.
So now the pan & tilt head + remote modules are on the way to me.
The project is simplified itself to the ESP32 programming while replacing the motor control part with the EY-40 commands.

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