2022. április 13., szerda

CNC Router Reborn 2.

Its been a while I write about the CNC project. It is in the state, I eventually work on it, so it advance really slowly.

It is time to write about the current state.

What happened since last time:

  • Mounted the controller hardware (GRBL controller, stepper drivers, except the spindle controller into the PC box)
  • Cut the back panel to fit into the place of the original PC card back panels
  • Rewire the entire frame with longer cables (needed to be able to put the new controller case to the ground next to the CNC routers table)

The controller from inside:

The back panel (hole for the connectors still need to drill):

The new dymo heathshrink labels in action:

After I finished the cabling realized that one of the connectors miss the screw lock ring. Am I so idiot that it fall from the connector before assembly and I didn't realize it?

Nope. I just found on the floor:

What a shitty material those guys use. I fall from a meter to the floor and broke into pieces.

What's next:

  • Drill the connector holes to the back panel and assemble the whole motion control
  • Create mounting hardware for the spindle controller (probably 3D printed)
  • Create a front panel with vent holes for the 600W PSU
  • Put everything together and test is

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