2022. augusztus 21., vasárnap

IC sorting, project idea?

In the last few days (rather weeks), I was playing with the ICs I have.

I want to have a kind of catalog on the things I "collected" during the last decades as electronics parts. Mostly on ICs. Actually I always have problem, when something pop out of my mind. I always look for new parts, instead of looking for my parts bins, what I already have.

I started to assemble an Excel list of ICs. There is already 432 rows in it and counting (not too much more, I guess could be additional 20-30 types in some project boxes). Hunting for datasheets, I think, that I'll be able to finish by end of next week.

During the inventory process I run into an interesting thing.

Probably you know about the family of digitally controlled analog switches (like CD4066). It has 4 analog switch in a single package.

What if, you have an IC containing 128 switches (organized in 8x16 matrix) in a single package, controlled digitally, even have separate negative supply, to allow the switched analog signal go bellow the ground? This thing is Mitel MT8816 (DIP-40 or PLCC-44 package).

If you have such thing, what would you build from it?

If you have lot of it, what would you build from it?

Actually I have altogether 172 (162 DIP, 10 PLCC) piece of it. I'm looking for project ideas. Yes, on the side of the obvious to build a 16 in 8 out audio crosspoint matrix for drive various amplifiers, tape recorders, etc.


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