2022. június 15., szerda

Fluke (Philips) PM3082 Oscilloscope Repair 2.

The junk scope arrived. Yes it is a junk. At least mechanically. The front broken, few knobs also, the screen frame missing, the enclosure bent here and there.
Also it doesn't work. The low voltage power supplies looks OK, but nothing on the display, except the illumination. Even doesn't respond to the knobs, no startup beep.
Anyway. I wanted to quickly check my theory, that my original scope has probably a single failure on the processor board and no other problems.
So I gave a try. Swapped the processor boards.

The unit is working. At least it give sharp image, respond to the knobs/buttons. Didn't had time to check it further, but this is promising.
Here come the question:
Is it worth?
Worth to try to repair the other unit? Find missing knobs, print a new frame, glue the broken things, try to repair not just the processor board, but the other things could I face during the attempt.
I have some internal pressure to challenge myself, but ...
I don't know. We will see.

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