2014. március 23., vasárnap

3D Printing - Success

I didn't wrote about my 3D experience. Unfortunately I had nothing to write about. To be honest there were subject but I not happily write about my faliures.
The whole thing was a catastrophe.  Nothing was working, it slipped away, even the head was clogged once, what required a total disassembly.
Finally I've lost my zest and put the whole thing onto the side.
a  two-three weeks ago I seen my friend on the facebook with his siny new 3D printer. And he started to print. On THE FIRST DAY.
I wrote a letter to him for asking help. I wrote down my concerns. I received some setup tip.
Yesterday finally I cleaned the messy baseplate (3D glue, hairspray, stacked PLA, some cotton). A bit of acetone and some water (the acetone doesn't dissolve the hairspray) was able to clean it.
My UV Lightbox is waiting for me for a while. The blocks tighten the bottom to the frame are planed from aluminum, but the plastic will be sufficient.
I designed it:

And printed.
The first trial was a failure because of the old plastic on the head.
For the second trial I was able to create all of the four pieces:

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