2014. március 5., szerda

Frequency Counter V2 13. - Breath to live

I was not working on this project for a long time but I should finish it soon. Today morning I connected and started the whole thing:

On the software I made only two modifications for the time being compared to the prototype:
- Changed the MCU to the one what finally went to the board - from MSP430G2252 to MSP430G2312
- Reordered the function selector switches (in the prototype they wasn't in the right order to have less jumper wire and the software handled it)
During process I found a small "bug" on the PCB. The header at the left side has the designation text on the outer edge. So if I solder in a 90° header it will not be readable.
It can be corrected at the assembly of the later pieces with soldering the header to the other side of the PCB. This doesn't interfere with the usability.
The other thing what can be seen that new programming "connector" works correctly.
Here comes the calibration and the bugfixing. In addition the software will get a new feature: Displaying a message and the version number at boot time, to make the further updates identifiable.

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