2014. március 16., vasárnap

Back on track

Tonight, I started to take time with my unfinished projects.
These came out from the ultrasonic cleaner:

From left to right:
1. MSP430G2553IP28 Breakout board. I had hard times with it in the past, then I gave up and a little bit later I soldered in finally to a professional PCB. Today I just thrown into the ultrasonic cleaner because it was lying on my desk. I can't foresee If I'll use it anytime, because I don't plan new project on MSP430.
2. In my opinion this is the possible smallest self current valued Step-Up SMPS power regulator on the market. I built it for a while, but never tried it out. I had a plan to employ it in the next generation of my thermometer to enhance the battery life.
3. The LED Blinker's keyring version. This was soldered together today, it even works, but I'll write about it later.
4. Same as number 3., but with RGB LED and MCU. This doesn't work yet, because the code is missing. This was not planed to blinking rather than displaying the full light spectrum with PWM drive.

The thing what left out from tonight's work is the software of the frequency counter. Hopefully I'll have time for it tomorrow morning, because the first customer is expecting it within a few days.

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