2014. március 16., vasárnap

Clock with analog seconds - I can't keep still

For this project idea (http://pakahuszar.blogspot.hu/2014/03/project-idea-clock-with-analog-seconds.html) I've been ordering LEDs for a while.
These are arrived on Friday. Here they are (60pcs, naturally I ordered more):

I has a fistful of almost ready projects (frequency counter, LED Blinkers, UV lightbox, GainClone, etc.), what I need a few days on the whole to finish.
I can't keep still. If I can try something new, the things wait to finish just left unfinished longer.
No, no, I not started to work on the clock. Just played around with trigonometry and 3D.
Created a component design for the arrived LEDs in KiCAD:

These need to placed on a PCB in a circle. This need some calculation. Excel+Trigonometry:

Put 60 LED to a schematic, after that netlist generation, pcb editor, write in the values from Excel:

Now dream a big. Let be 3D. For the LED we need to draw a cube in a software called Wings 3D. This software what I not really like, but I found an article, how can I work from OpenSCAD (http://happyrobotlabs.com/posts/tutorials/tutorial-3d-kicad-parts-using-openscad-and-wings3d/).
Let see:

Conversion to Wings 3D:

At the component the scaling factor is a question. Finally in a forum post I found the right value. If we work in the OpenSCAD in milimeters, than we need to multply it with 0,393700 (1/2,54).
Finally some settings, and here is the result:

The transparency of the LEDs -requires some additional work, but today I solved the 3D model problem in KiCAD, what I miss for a while.

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