2014. március 26., szerda

Refigirator 3. - Money thrown away

The refrigerator I repaired it seems working but I'm not satisfied with it. At twenty-something degree external temperature (don't forget to bring a thermoeter there) it is able to cool the internal space to 16-17 degrees.
From the beginning I felt that the original cooling fan of the peltier module is not sufficeient.
I wanted to exchange it for a while. I found a shop near to my workplace called "ventilatorház" (house of the fans).
On Wednesday morning finally poped up the thought to measure the size of the fan (92mm).
After this I went into the shop and asked for a size 92 fan with 12V DC supply. They said that only 230V AC available, at a high cost. I bought it. At that time I had the feeling that it is a wrong and costly decision, but I wanted to finish this task.
On the second day I connected the cable of the new fan and tried place into its place.
It won't fit in. This thing has only 3 mounting holes. At the 4th place the power connection and the control unit located. This is not a problem by itself, but the refrigerator has long molded pins and short screws instead of holes and long screws. To place the fan into its place I need to cut off one of the pins what I didn't wanted.
Afternoon I bought in the Lomex (one of my regular local electronic part store) a 12V fan on the 6th of the 230V ones price. In addition according to the datasheet it has twice as much airflow.
On Friday morning I built this one in. It generates even less noise.
I'll try to bring back the inappropriate 230V one, but I've no confidence if it will work out because I even soldered in the cable.

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