2022. december 31., szombat

End of 2022

This is some valuation of the year from this blogs perspective.

At the beginning of the year I was planning to write at least one post weekly. This would be 52 posts. Actually done 31.

Although, I'm not satisfied with the result, I is better than the previous years. The last year I was writing more, was 2018. I intend to achieve this as a goal for 2023.

Some highlights of 2022, also from my hobby perspective:

  • My new lab is still not finished, but I can tell, I moved in. Now I feel comfortable and spend more and more time in it
  • Finished the Videoton Melodyn project. I'm very proud of it. It was ready in time and functioning flawlessly
  • I closed my Hungarian language blog, what was running in parallel with this one. The decision come from anger at the first place, but today I feel, not writing (or translating) in to languages spare some time to me. So I keep it that way.
  • Started a few projects, what looks like shelved to me, also have a few revisited, but put back to the shelve:
    • E1300A Front connectors
    • Measurement control
    • CNC Router
    • Pan & Tilt gimbal
    • TL866II EPROM programmer update
    • PM3082 repair
    • Rackmount power amplifier
    • Function generator power amplifier
    • Contract project involving 4-20mA current loop and infra gates (not to discuss here deeper)
    • VFD display driver (even the first post of it kept in draft)

In 2023, I plan to work on my projects on a more organized way. Not to do many projects in parallel, focus on one, and finish it.

Also in 2020, I started to work on "project of the month", to force myself, to finish things in timely manner. This was washed by the COVID right at the beginning. I want to bring this back to life, to trigger myself.

Here I announce my January project (I really like to continue with more in February and further):

Fully working 3D printing

I've three 3D printers now. Actually only one of it working, and that one even kept in my old lab. Namely Anet A8, Geeetech i3 Pro, Anycubic Photon Mono 4k.
The goal, to have those fully working by end of January.

Those were my random thoughts for the end of 2022. I say good bye to 2022 with my current lab photos, and whish a


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