2022. december 28., szerda

Unboxing day

Finally after Christmas I arrived to my lab.

Look what arrived

First a whole set of Anycubic Photon Mono 4k printer:

To be honest I've no idea yet, how to make this thing working. Lot of reading, YouTube videos are waiting for me before I have the courage to start to print on it. Actually a 5l isopropyl alcohol I ordered for washing is not here yet. Also I may need some additional things to buy for keeping the whole thing clean.

I need to figure out soon, how to use this, as this little guy is eagerly waiting to be printed out:

Actually a few years ago I bought a Parkside column drill at Lidl. I'm not really happy with it from various reasons. Now here is the replacement:

I thank for my family those things. I'll get good use of it.

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