2022. december 29., csütörtök

New Arrival 8.

I mainly forgot to continue the new arrival series. Actually I just picked up some things today.
First a Philips PM6668 1GHz frequency counter for an insane €25.

As I have two counters already on the side of the ones I designed, I didn't keep it as I bought it for a friend who were looking for an RF counter for a while.
Also picked up three Leaver (Panasonic) VP-8193D generators for €125 each (to be honest, I payed for those at least a month ago already, just didn't find the time to pick it up)
One of it has a service sticker stating, it is dead, the others are untested, so those can also have problems. Some repair job is waiting for me on those.

On the side of the generator also picked up an ultrasonic cleaner for €75. It was a bit dirty, already cleaned it. It is bigger unit than my previous one. Also has a tap to drain the water, has heater and timer.
As a surprise the size is the same, what used by the ultrasonic record cleaners, what I intend to have. Now I don't need anything else than build the rotating mechanism for this. So, I have a new project. 😂

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