2022. december 28., szerda

"Melodyn" on Windows

As I successfully finished the Videoton Melodyn project, took into my head that I'll develop the software in it further.
Other than the radio itself, I have some shelved/planned projects what can good use of this software, I also need something to listen on my PC while I'm working.
In the last five years I worked exclusively for Linux projects professionally, but I still unable use Linux as development platform. The Linux desktop is not comfortable to me, so I'm using Windows.
The problem is coming from here.
I want to setup a development platform on Windows.
The mpd "on paper" is supported on Windows. Unfortunately the documentation, how to set it up is not existent.
So I downloaded, and was able to start mpd, on a trial-fail bases.
Download the latest mpd.exe from here: https://www.musicpd.org/download/win32/
Put it in the c:\mpd directory.
First it looking for a config file. I've no idea, what is the default location of the config file, so I put it next to the executable

audio_output {
  type "winmm"
  name "Speakers"
  device "Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio)"

This works with the Windows speaker on my PC.
In addition to this the mpd give the following error:

decoder: Decoder plugin 'wildmidi' is unavailable: configuration file does not exist: /etc/timidity/timidity.cfg

So I downloaded the wildmidi library from here: https://github.com/Mindwerks/wildmidi/releases
Put it under the c:\mpd\winmidi folder. Added to the mpd.conf the following also:

decoder {
    plugin "wildmidi"
    config_file "wildmidi/wildmidi.cfg"

With this, if I start the mpd with the following command line:

mpd.exe c:\mpd\mpd.conf

It start without error. The web radio from Melodyn.py works with it.
As I want to play audio files with it in the future, I don't know yet, if it will need additional setup.

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