2014. február 28., péntek

DIP form factor ARM - This is sick

Here comes the ARM. To be able to use it in breadbord we need a DIP form factor version.Unfortunately this is not tom much exists.To be honest. Only two type exists:
  • NXP LPC810
  • NXP LPC1114 (one derivative)
The first is a DIP-8 chip, so it is not enough for the majority of applications. The second one is much better.
Nowadays it is a usual thing, that the bigger (in our case 28) pin ICs are hit the market in narrow (300mil) package. This is not the case regarding  the LPC1114. This IC is located in a 600mil package.
There are people who didn't like it.
And there are people, who does something against it:

My opinion: It is sick.

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