2014. február 24., hétfő

ARM Course 8. - LAB 8

Yesterday evening I've finished the module 8. With this I'm standing at 47% (I need 70%). I still not feel the high level of this course. It take something like ten minutes to write and test the code, the construction of the circuit on the breadboard.
I've documented the result here:

32 Bit, 80 MHz and the LED blinking (my first PC had a 16 Bit 8 MHz CPU with a little more result). The biggest challenge during the construction was that I caught a bug. To be precise, not a bug but a "misprint".
I was looking for the the PE0 pin on the board. Finally I fond. Here:

Check the yellow marked designators! The two parts of the photo displays a part of the top and the bottom side of the Launchpad.

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