2014. február 12., szerda

Frequency Counter V2 12. - Status report

Roughly a week ago checked in the gentleman who originally inspired me to advance the development of the second version.
The finished prototype was lying around for roughly two month, but I not really done anything with it. The software was finished, leastwise it was capable for the things what the gentleman asked for.
I wanted to pack it and send it, but the calibration was missing. I was thinking, that I do the calibration and it can go. Here come the hit. I realized, that the software function required for the calibration is missing. It just vanished during the development process.
No, no, I haven't left any code, just I didn't think about the calibration and the operating mode what just counts and displays the pulses of the internal time base without conversion, was not there anymore. In that day no time left to work with it. On the next day evening I added the function. In addition I expanded the code with the fill factor measurement what I was planing just into the final version.
On Friday morning calibrated and posted it.
I found some (mostly cosmetic) software bugs, but on the prototype it will be kept this way.

Incredibly blur, but measuring fill factor:

Additional events:

  • I maid the rough cost calculation and selected the suppliers
  • The Chinese spring festival is now over. On Monday the SeeedStudio sent the PCBs. This coming with DHL, so hopefully it will arrive shortly
  • The "enclosure" finished. The acrylic plates are already at my workshop
  • On the weekend I ordered (hopefully) everything. The parts are coming from the Lomex (local supplier), the Farnell, the TME and some minor things from the eBay. Today I picked up the parts in  the Lomex. It is a rather big package. According the news the Farnell and the TME already sent my stuff. I'm waiting for the courier.
  • I had a little dilemma about the MCU. The actual software now ~1800 Byte. I had to decide to take a chance with the 2K MCU or choose one with 4K flash. The price difference somewhere around 10 cents so I ordered the 4K version.
  • I started to write some documentation. The first version must be finished tomorrow morning because it is waited for.

That's all for now. Continue...

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