2014. február 10., hétfő

Universal Digital Timer 3. - Restart

This is a story about a project I started long time ago, and about the things a learned and made since. Over a half years ago I started to work on a two-digit display universal digital timer. This project landed quite fast in the bottom of the drawer, because I failed to bring together what I wanted to achieve: http://pakahuszar.blogspot.hu/2013/06/universal-digital-timer-2-project.html
A lot has happened since then :

  • I'm almost ready with the UV lightbox (mostly just some carpentry work missing). The software of this apart from the display and button driver is the same, what needed for this timer.
  • I found and implemented the dual multiplexing principle (http://pakahuszar.blogspot.com/2013/08/double-multiplex-3.html), which not only solves my problem what forced me to suspend the project, but it goes further. It allows me to throw away the digit driving transistors and resistors, decreasing the number of parts (and also the size)
  • Through the serial port not only the programming of the counter will be possible as planed, but also download the firmware (I was not even dare to think about it) - http://pakahuszar.blogspot.com/2014/02/project-idea-msp430-bsl.html
I started to work with it.
I connected the double multiplex test panel to a Launchpad, now with a pinout what corresponds to the counter functionality.I rewrote the code of the display accordingly.Connected the push buttons to the display's nonexistent 9th digit. 
Started to write the code for the push buttons (It is not finished jet). 
Modified the schematics (this is of course still unfinished, but will continue on with the project)For now, that's all.The cable jungle called Universal Digital Timer today:

And the drawing in early stage:


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