2014. február 10., hétfő

UV Lightbox 14. - Sections from the woodwork

I'm not really a friend of the handheld router (I had in my hands something like 10 years ago with not to much successs).
Based on this it is just ugly from inside:

From outside it looks quite nice:

The pencil drawing is still there and the holes for the buttons are missing.

The standing:
  • All parts of the frame already cut to its sizes
  • The hole for the display almost finished
  • The base plate finished
  • All of the light panels, the power supply, and the mains transformer screwed in.
  • Almost all of the cables in its place

(pictures comes later)

The things are missing:
  • The butttons of the display and the holes for it
  • Plugging of the frame
  • The holes for mains connector and the controller's plugs
  • The metal parts tightens the base plate for the frame
  • The acrylic bench
  • The tightening guides for the bench
  • The top cover and the hinges for it
  • Tightening the controller to the base plate
  • Sanding and varnishing
  • Writing the article :-)

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